Your personal health assistant


Medx is the world leading healthcare company who holds the future vision for the next generation’s healthcare online platform & mobile application. They came to Albion with this vision and I have been leading the design process of Identity & UI design for their re-brand and their new app’s identity development. We have also come up with a new name for their app, which is Ada that will be your digital health assistant on your smart devices and it works like a personal assistant with vast data from Medx.


Interaction design
Motion graphics


Key brand elements


Ada’s identity is ambient and seamlessly evolving with you. Every evolving brand symbol indicates that Ada is constantly working behind the screen to monitor your health records, as well as its calming voice comes to life by carefully crafted animated typography.

Animation pattern


To bring it to life, Ada’s personality comes alive with designed animation patterns for a variety of difference instances; talking, thinking, retrieving information, and processing.

This is an example of ‘processing’ animation pattern and its breakdowns.  

Brand guidelines


As a result of integrated brand identity, strategy and digital product design process, we have created the Ada online brand centre that hosts brand guidelines, asset library, API repository and the Ada design principles & examples. 

Ada is an ambient health AI assistant. Therefore it was one of big challenges that how the online guidelines can convey the visual languages without misinterpretation; its visual presence needs to be human, ambient, and intuitive.

Case study film for Cannes Lions