Smart key configuration


From hardware to software, from owning a car to using mobility, and patterning with dealers. These priorities were set to deliver better seamless brand promises of BMW.

With the strategy, to be the leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility, we’ve come up with a new eco system called BMW iD and it has its own smart configuration card that acts as a e-ink device connecting to your customised BMW services.


Design lead
Concept director
3D / Motion graphics


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Key aspect

A BMW customer identity and platform, that links all hardware and software touchpoints into
an ecosystem, creating a premium customer experience.

Key aspect

These illustrations are to show how id ecosystem works across different touch points; tap and share configurations, video content and smart ads, and tracking your build on any of your devices.

An ecosystem

All other devices are automatically pulling the most recent data that are linked to your iD profile as well as giving you full control to configure your car, services, and test drive. It’s all being done in seamless process.